Alternative Arthritis Pain Reliever for Arthritic Pain

May 03, 2017

Alternative Arthritis Pain Reliever


Alternative arthritis pain relievers can offer safe and natural solutions for those people who seek a more normal way of treating arthritis and avoid the serious side effects of conventional medications and other anti-inflammatory drugs. After proof of complications of the use of Cox-2 inhibitors present in most arthritis pain reliever medications were ascertain, alternative arthritis medicines are becoming more and more popular.


There are many alternative arthritis pain relievers today for arthritic pain. An easy to use alternative arthritis pain reliever is an arthritic diet, exercise programs, relaxation, positive emotion coping techniques, and even acupuncture are considered to be an alternative arthritis pain reliever.


It is always advisable however, to check with your doctor first for medical opinion before using any alternative arthritis pain reliever. Then later on, when time and resources allow, you can test other options for alternative arthritis pain reliever.


Alternative Arthritis Pain Reliever Diet

Consulting with your doctor before starting any diet is definitely recommended. Overall dietary health is important and it plays a role as an alternative arthritis pain reliever. There are many factors to consider regarding any alternative arthritis pain reliever like diets and nutritional healing and each factor may differ from one individual to the other. The best way is to look at each arthritic condition and adapt an approach to the situation based upon specifics.


When it comes to what food should be avoided to take when suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, a lot of nutritionists suggest keeping away from dairy products as they seem to worsen rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups. One should be discouraged from taking doses of vitamins that are higher than recommended without a physician’s advice, in hopes that vitamins are a more natural alternative way of arthritis relief. Increasing vitamins and minerals through food therapy is a much better way than overdosing on vitamin pills as an alternative arthritis pain reliever because some vitamins and minerals can actually worsen certain arthritis conditions.


Dietary supplements like chondroitin, fish oil and glucosamine. Chondroitin draws fluid into cartilage which improves shock-absorbing ability and weight control; less weight equals less joint pressure. Fish oils helps to control inflammation in the body.


Alternative Arthritis Pain Reliever Exercise

Exercise as an alternative arthritis pain reliever can be very beneficial; it relieves the stiffness in joints, strengthening thus reducing stress on joints, keeping the bones and cartilage tissue strong and healthy and increases flexibility. Exercise also plays a vital role in your health. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of walking as an alternative pain reliever. At the same time, to improve the arthritic condition, carrying weights as light as one pound and using the arms is a good way to improve the whole body’s health.


Yoga is also a good alternative arthritis pain reliever involving many forms of stretching and pose-oriented exercises, which are extremely advantageous towards accomplishing flexibility and lessening stress physically and mentally.


The Use of Knee Protection

Wearing knee protection during your workout or exercise is advisable if you have arthritis on your knee or knee problems. As good compression sleeve will stimulate blood flow thus ease the pain on your knees and also provide good support for your knee.


Alternative Arthritis Pain Reliever Acupuncture and Relaxation

Acupuncture has been a way for people to get rid of some body illnesses and pains, the insertion of needles into the skin to stimulate targeted places in the body (acupoints), bring about therapeutic results.


Relaxation techniques on the other hand, have a place in healing the body. This alternative way has only recently been recognized throughout the medical industry, and the general public has yet to know and understand its effectiveness. Relaxation that involves meditation showed immense benefits; mental and physical health benefits are realized from such practice, as well.




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