March 02, 2022

Everyone wants to lose belly fat. They're the last to go, and it can be really frustrating when you work out and eat healthily, but your belly fat doesn't seem to budge. Sometimes you see people running around with sweat belts thinking that's how they're going to get rid of their belly fat but do they actually work?

There have been several studies showing that wearing a sweat belt during workouts or fitness can produce amazing results for your waistline. Belly fat is the hardest fat to lose, but can you really lose belly fat with a little time or dedication and just by wearing a sweat belt?. 

Let's discuss the sweat belt and its effects on your belly fat in detail.

Sweat Belt:

Sweat belts are basically a piece of material made of neoprene or moisture-wicking fabric that is normally worn around your waist during exercise.  Sweat belt can be worn during any kind of activity like jogging, biking, squatting or even walking your dog to the park.  They have named sweat belts because they help you produce sweat from the stomach area or waist area.


A man wearing Sweat Belt

A sweat belt uses your own body heat to help you sweat more, thus it is normally effective to be worn during exercise of fitness where your body produce heat.  As your body produces heat and sweat it also involves in calorie burning.  A study shows that a sweat belt or a sauna belt help burn more calories at a faster rate than without wearing one.

However, keep in mind that when wearing a sweat belt or sauna belt that you should consume adequate water to keep you from dehydrating.  As your body lose a lot of water, you need to drink enough water to rehydrate it.  Does it mean that you lose only water weight when you wear a Sweat belt?  Though you lose plenty of your body’s liquid when you wearing a sweat belt, however, where does the bodyweight go when you lose weight?  According to endocrinologist Bartolome Burguera, MD, PhD  you sweat it out, pea it out and when you use your bowel.  The same way how you remove all the unwanted toxin and weight. 

Does it help with Belly fat?

As with calories burning, it does not specifically target your belly fat area but rather it helps you with weight loss for your whole body.  Though when you lose weight, it will automatically does reduce your waist line.

Benefits of a Sweat belt

Sweat Belt is made with a moisture-wicking fabric, which keeps you dry when you sweat and prevents odor. The fabric is normally made of neoprene and can be worn under your t-shirt or on the top of your t-shirt.  However, if your skin is sensitive you’d better wear it on the top of your t-shirt.   

Following are some significant benefits of using a Sweat belt that can help you decide whether you should have it or not. 

  • Optimizes your sweat output.
  • It helps regulate your body temperature when you exercise.
  • Maximizes your athletic performance.
  • Increase workout efficiency by providing support and easy movement during exercises.
  • No more sore backs from heavyweight training.
  • Protection from back injuries during exercise.
  • Increased comfort during exercise without having to worry about chafing and hot spots.
  • Greater range of motion while running or working out which increases the intensity of your workouts and helps you lose more fat because you can do more repetitions than usual with less fatigue.
  • Improves body alignment during exercise, which could lead to better posture and back pain issues.

Science proof of wearing a Sweat belt does help with burning calories and losing weight

It's no secret that the key to losing weight is burning more calories than you consume.

This is why so many people have turned to weight loss products, like the UltraComfy Sweat belt.

And now, a new study by theUS National Library Medicine National Institute of Health has proven that wearing a Sweat belt can help you burn calories!

The study was done by having 9 people wear a Sweat belt and performing aerobic exercise for one hour a day for three months. The researchers then monitored each person's calorie consumption and weight loss over time. What they found was astonishing: that wearing a Sweat belt helped participants burn an average of 100 extra calories per day. Not only does these mean participants lost about a pound of pure fat every week, but it also means they were able to eat 100 fewer calories per day, which can really add up over time.

Alexa's experience with UltraComfy Sweat Belt:

Hey, it's Alexa! I'm a big proponent of wearing sweat belts while working out, and that's because I lost more than half of my belly fat by doing so. I was skeptical at first, but in the end, it worked!

I started wearing a sweat belt while working out at the gym and later switched to exercising at home. I knew that if I wanted to get back those abs, I had to work for them.

a girl wearing sweat belt and its benefits

The sweat belt helped me to focus on my workout and not be distracted and help me stay motivated. It helped me better target my abdominal area and gave me more bounce in my step. And because the sweat belt was so comfortable and didn't restrict my movements, I didn't even notice that I had it on.

I got great results from wearing a sweat belt and would recommend it to everyone who is trying to lose weight in their midsection.


Though sweat belts are not a magic way to lose extra pounds and it might not specifically target your belly area.  However it will help you burn more calories at a faster rate than without wearing one.  And in losing weight, every bit of everything will surely help you success in your weight loss journey.  What’s more, if you wear the sweat belt and combine it with a healthy diet and exercise program.  Sweat Belt is a great accessory for your workout outfit and plus it helps you to be motivated.  Next time you have a treadmill or a cardio, why not try using a sweat belt and you will surely notice a difference.

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