December 02, 2020

There are so many people in the gym wearing a full sweat suit and a waist trimmer and they pour out heaps of sweat while they are doing their exercise.  Just to see them wearing the sauna suit already made me feel sweaty.  I think the analogy to wear a sauna suit in a gym is to bring a traditional sauna room into a mobile sauna where we can exercise in a sauna environment.

However, people are trying many different ways to lose weight and this sweating out way is not new but has been going on since the old days.  The Sauna suit including waist trimmer, sweat belt or sweat suits works to increase the heat and help to promote sweat.      

UltraComfy Sauna Suit       

Does increase in sweat help in losing weight?

According to study conducted by Lance C. Dalleck, a PhD suggest that wearing a sauna suit during exercise increases metabolism by 20.8% and promote greater weight loss when compare to exercised perform under similar conditions without the suit.  It also concludes that training in sauna suit can have serious performance benefits to athletes.  No wonder that this method has been used since a long time by most athletes and body builders. 

Normally, your body produces sweat in an effort to cool your body temperature. When body temperature gets higher, your sweat glands will automatically produces sweat. The cooling affect begins as the sweat evaporates off your skin.

When you wear a sauna suit or a sweat belt, the body is wrapped in a water resistant material, normally neoprene material.  Since it is a water resistant material, your skin will fail to evaporate therefore, your body will then continue to produce sweat in attempt to regulate body temperature. Thus, you will lose many fluid.  As up to 60% of our body made of fluid, the result is that it will lead to significant weight loss.

Pros of Sauna suit and Waist Trimmer

As has been said earlier that wearing a sauna suit and waist trimmer during exercise will help you lose weight.   A friend of mine drove two hours to a bodybuilding competition in sweats with the seat warmers on and heat on full blast (in the middle of the summer) to make weight for a bodybuilding competition. He said it was the most miserable ride of his life but he won his class

Since you lose many of fluids, the cons that you need to be considered is that it could lead to dehydration if you do not replenish your body with plenty of waters.

In the end, to achieve a healthy weight loss, exercising in a sauna suit and waist trimmer will certainly help you lose faster weight loss, however people should also have a healthy diet, either cutting the calories, carbohydrate or fat depending which weight loss program that you are using.  It is good to consult your doctor as well before you take any weight loss program.


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