December 02, 2020

Sauna suits, the names say it all.  The suit is made for you to experience a sauna environment.  When you wear a sauna suit, it makes you sweat excessively. Though there are many views regarding the effectiveness of how a sauna can help you to lose weight.  There are actually a research that show how working out with a sauna suit can actually help you lose weight faster. 

Benefit of the Sauna suit

Research show that working out with a sauna suit can help you sweat more, help boost your metabolic rate. Furthermore, there’s also studies that prove that heat therapy offers excellent cardiovascular health benefits. That is why, most celebrities are seen with many different versions of sauna suits for accelerated weight loss results.  If you’re thinking to start your fitness program and reach your weight loss goal, investing in a sauna suit is definitely a great idea.

Today, the sauna suit is available widely.  This fitness wear is no longer limited to celebrities or athletes only. You can wear one while working out or even when you’re doing your regular chores. Not only helping you weight loss, a sauna suit help increases your body temperature, as a result it increases production of sweat in the body as an automatic body’s reaction to cool off its temperature.  At the same time, body’s waste and toxin are expelled through sweat.  As sitting in a sauna can increase calories burn, like wise exercising in a sauna suit also helps burn more calories as compare if you are without the sauna suit.   

 List of the benefits of wearing a sauna suit:

  • Increase your metabolism: Let’s put it this way – the benefits of a sauna suit is similar to the real sauna. Wearing a sauna suit while exercising can speed up your metabolic rate. This can lead to weight loss if you wear the sauna suit for a workout on a regular basis.
  • Help Relaxes your muscle: Since a sauna suit traps the heat generated by the body, it helps relaxes your muscle after workout. As a Sauna can help improve blood flows, so does the Sauna suit help you improve your blood flow.
  • Help with weight loss: This one’s a no-brainer. Since the main purpose of a sauna suit is to help you experience the benefits of a real sauna, it naturally aids quick weight loss.
  • Help warm up your body in cold weather: Sauna suit also serves as a great workout gear in cold weather. The heat trapped inside the bodysuit will keep you warm and motivated to keep up with your exercise routine.  
  • Effective Detoxification: Another important reason why people wear a sauna suit is to help get rid body’s waste and toxins from the body through sweat.

The Best Sauna Suits – My Top Picks

1.UltraComfy Sauna Suit for Women



  • Made from High Quality Premium Neoprene
  • Zipper front design for easy to wear plus;
  • Adjustable Velcro so you can adjust the waist trimmer around your waist plus;
  • There’s a second layer belt on the waist so you could cinch your waist as tight as you desire to create an hourglass figure instantly.
  • Help increases your metabolism
  • Help you burn more calories


High-quality fabric is what ensures both safety and performance, and that’s exactly what this UltraComfy sauna suit offers you. Work up the sweat when you hit the gym with this standard sauna suit. Achieve better weight loss results with this stylish design that does not limit your flexibility.

2. UltraComfySweat Vest


  • 3 Rows Front Zip closure to help you adjust how tight you wish to wear it.
  • Body-heating technology for serious sweat loss
  • Chick and Stylish design, perfect for cardio, fitness or gym
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Help you burn more calories


UltraComfy Sweat vest is made from Neoprene technology and design to make you sweat for a great workout.  The sweat vest allows you to move freely and does not restrict your flexibility. Despite the close-to-the-body fitting, the 3 rows front zip lock enable you to adjust how tight you wish to wear it.


3.UltraComfy Sauna Vest


  • Neoprene technology designed to enhance sweat
  • Sports Bra + Adjustable Waist Trimmer
  • Fashionable fit for a trimmed look
  • Help boost your metabolism
  • Help burn more calories


UltraComfy offers some of the finest sauna suits for a healthy weight loss. Designed for women to help get your sweat on and burn more calories with fitted apparel that also gives out a very toned look.  Help with detoxification, and increases your body’s temperature as in a sauna.

Are Sauna Suits Really Effective?

The main function of a sauna suit is to help your body generate more sweat by trapping your body’s natural heat. Even when you are not working out, the heat that is trapped in the suit will help you produce more sweat if you’re wearing a sauna suit.

When the body produce more sweat, not only water weight that is being shed but according to a study, fat and other waste also are expelled through sweat. Naturally, the heating effect helps you burn more calories because of the metabolic boost that the sauna suit creates.

In simple words, sauna suits are really effective and is an excellent choice for those who would like to start their weight loss journey.

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