February 12, 2022

What is a waist trainer? Does a waist trainer help you lose weight?

Waist trainer is an undergarment that you wear under your clothes.  It is used to train your waistline to a slimmer waistline or hourglass shape.  It is used to cinch your waist or as a fitness belt that you wear it in the gym.  You can wear it as a back-support belt to support your posture or after maternity as a postpartum belt that helps reshape your tummy.

There are many waist trainers’ brands available in the market and all are promising their weight loss benefit.  However, does a waist trainer help you lose weight?  Many women have been waist training since centuries ago from celebrities to ordinary mom.  However, some people argue that waist training does not work. In this articles we will discuss the benefits waist training.


Waist trainers are available in different sizes; the major size chart is represented by the small, medium, and large sizes up. Each waist trainer brand has different size chart, so bear in mind to check their size chart before you buy them. 

You can measure your waist line by simply wrap around the measurement tape all around your tummy usually one inch above your belly button.  Make sure it is not too tight and that you do not hold your breath while measuring.


Material used

A waist trainer is normally made up of a synthetic rubber material group called neoprene and a hard metal boning and some made of latex. This material of waist trainer helps you to trap the heat of your body and could promote sweating.

This material is flexible and hard as well as it is not easily breakable. It can bear the high temperature of a wide range by retaining its structure and shape.

Benefits of a waist trainer

There are several benefits of a waist trainer.  Below is the list of benefits;

  1. A waist trainer help you get hourglass figure
  2. Helps you support your back and helps with backache.
  3. Helps promote sweat
  4. Helps with Fat burning
  5. Helps suppressed your appetite

1.    Hourglass figure.

When you wear the waist trainer under a dress, you will observe a noticeable change in your waist size. Therefore, most of the ladies used to wear the waist trainer under their dresses, especially when they will attend a public get-together like marriage ceremonies, birthday parties, or other official functions.

It gives a fabulous look when you use it under party wear. So, by wearing a waist trainer around your waist, you will look slimmer than without wearing it.  It will enhance your look under a dress and If you wear it continuously, it will help reshaping your waistline.

2.    Helps you support your back and helps with backache.

It also provides support to your backbone and maintain a straight posture. You can also use this trainer when you feel pain in your back; the compression that the waist trainer gives you will help you reduce pain intensity.

3.    Promote sweat

As we have discussed above that this waist trainer traps the heat between your belly and the trimmer. This trapped heat does its work by causing sweating in your body. This sweating excretes out the extra water and harmful substances from your body's skin pores. This process refers to perspiration that helps you to get rid of extra water stored in your abdomen.

So, you can say that the perspiration process also helps you to lose weight by releasing the wastewater and waste metabolic materials that might be oil or some other chemical waste compounds.

4.    Fat burning

The heat-trapping property of the waist trimmer enables you to lose weight by burning your body's fats present around your belly. This burning of fats around your belly helps you to shape your body beautifully slim. Some people think it is impossible to wear this waist trimmer on your waist, but it happens.

The trapped heat burns the belly's fats and the behind it, the lower back area of your waist. You should try a waist trimmer to lose weight as you can wear it any time anywhere, and it does not look odd or make you uncomfortable. It is easy to wear and makes you feel good by controlling the flat and expanded area around your waist.

5.    Helps suppress your appetite.

When you wear a waist trimmer around your belly, it will make you feel that your stomach is squeezing.  As it squeezes your internal organ, especially your tummy, it will suppress your appetite thus help you lose weight.

You’re eating habits will reduce to some extent; you will observe fast most of the time every day. This habit will lead you to see a distinct and clear loss of your weight for a period of time.

Final thoughts

If you want to lose weight, you should consider wearing a waist trainer to shape your waistline and get hourglass figure. Your weight loss success will be depending on how consistent you are wearing it. If you wear it regularly and combine it with good exercise and the right diet plan you will be on your way for your body transformation.  However, waist training is not an instant process.  It requires time and your commitment to wearing it for a long period of time.

If you are thinking to have a weight loss and want to get an hourglass figure, you should consider using a waist trainer.

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